Discovering the Power of Life Insurance with the Miller Family

Discovering the Power of Life Insurance with the Miller Family
September 9, 2021 AVMA LIFE
Discovering the Power of Life Insurance with the Miller Family

Discovering the Power of Life Insurance with the Miller Family

A mutual friend with a new dog brought Stephen and Katie together. Stephen had headed to his friend’s house to meet the new furry member of the family, and when he got there, he saw Katie playing with the dog in the backyard.

“Katie was so outgoing,” says Stephen. “She was the nicest person you’ll ever meet.” That first meeting led to beach outings and concerts, and over time to getting married and thinking about starting a family.

It was Katie who suggested they get life insurance. Stephen admits he wasn’t too happy about the idea. They were young and healthy, so he didn’t see the point. Katie, however, convinced him to sit down with an insurance professional, who walked them through the process and presented them with options. They both decided to get life insurance coverage.

A Growing Family

When the couple welcomed their first son, Chase, they decided to reevaluate their life insurance. Given their expanding family and responsibilities, they both bought additional life insurance.

It was during her recovery from giving birth to Reid that Katie realized something was wrong. Her doctor confirmed her suspicion that the abdominal lump she felt was something much more serious. In fact, it was an aggressive form of cancer.

Katie, with the love and support of her family, valiantly fought the disease, but just over a year later, it claimed this young mom’s life. She was just 30.

A Better Future

No words can capture the devastation that Stephen and his boys felt at Katie’s loss. “It’s horrible to lose your soul mate and best friend,” he says. “But I have two boys to support, and I want them to know their dad can carry on.”

Life insurance has helped with that process. “Nothing can bring Katie back, but having life insurance meant we didn’t lose everything,” he says. “I don’t earn enough alone to afford living in our house. Life insurance has eased my worries on so many levels.”

Thinking back to that first meeting with their insurance professional, Stephen says, “Katie was the smarter one. She knew to plan for the future—our future—with life insurance.”

Your Options

Has Stephen’s story inspired you to help ensure a bright future for your family? As a member of AVMA, you have access to exclusively priced life insurance coverages through the AVMA LIFE Trust. Designed by veterinarians, for veterinarians, our coverages can help ensure your loved ones are financially protected if you were to pass away.

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