AHP Blog: The Veterinary Practice Owner’s 4-Step Guide to Selecting Employee Health Benefits

Veterinary practice owners are dedicated to health. It’s the foundation of a lifelong commitment to animals. But while veterinary practice owners and managers are experts on caring for animals, navigating the confusing world of employee health, is, well, a whole different animal.

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  • The Power of AVMA LIFE- A First-Hand Account

    The Power of AVMA LIFE: A First-Hand Account

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    After I graduated with my DVM from Kansas State University, my to-do list seemed rather daunting. The one item solely in my control was learning the specifics of my life and disability insurance options.

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  • Stay in Stride with Life and Disability Insurance

    Stay in Stride with Life and Disability Insurance

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    When the gazelle wakes up every morning, it must outwit the lion to survive. Wild manes appear on the horizon, the sun shines on gleaming incisors, and the prey needs to outsmart its predator.

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  • Inflexibility in Self-Care

    Inflexibility in Self-Care

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    Veterinary students often feel like ducks swimming through the placid calm of an undisturbed lake. From the beach, while you observe a duck swimming through water, what do you notice? The duck appears to slice through the water with unobstructed ease. Now, throw on your scuba gear and dive in. What do you notice looking up at the duck from underneath?

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